How do you feel when you look in the mirror?

Beautiful, Powerful, Confident?

You have fewer than 7 seconds to make a first impression ... make it count.

Empowered Styles Intro

Begin your journey to looking good and feeling beautiful every day.

  • Understand how your style impacts your life

  • Discover the power of working with an Image Consultant dedicated to your personal transformation

  • Learn what it means to have a personal brand

The Empowered Styles Intro is a 45-minute consultation. To get started, schedule your complimentary session.

Empowered Styles Self Expression

You will walk away with a complete understanding of what you should and should not wear to look and feel amazing every day for every occasion.

  • Discover your personal brand - Define who you are and what image you want to express to the world

  • Color Analysis - Understand which colors compliment your complexion

  • Body Shape - Discover how to dress your body shape so you look symmetrical, proportionate, and beautiful

  • Learn to showcase your best features through our Success Thru Style 7-point artful approach. We are all a 3-dimensional canvas of lines, shapes, colors, scale, texture, patterns, and proportions. You can learn to see yourself in artistic terms and apply the same techniques to how you dress that are used to create beautiful art

  • Your body proportions – helping you determine where you are long or short and how to dress in a way that emphasizes your strengths while minimizing any areas that are perceived weaknesses

The Empowered Styles Self-Expression includes 6 sessions over 3 months. To get started, schedule a discovery call.

Empowered Styles Transformation

At the end of this program you will have a closet full of clothes that you love. Go to outfits for every occasion of life. The confidence that you look beautiful no matter what your size or age!

  • Closet Audit - A review and analysis of all your clothing and accessories – we will determine what to keep, discard, donate and alter

  • Photograph your “keepers” items and upload into our special Personalized Wardrobe app

  • Outfit creation –you will have your very own Lookbook in our Personalized Wardrobe app to reference making getting dressed easy and effortless

Empowered Styles Transformation is a personalized program. Schedule a discovery call to learn more.

Additional Style Services

Personalized Color Analysis

Learn your WOW colors, from neutrals to power colors. Walk away with a color palette so you never again need to worry about whether your makeup, hair or clothing compliments your skin, hair, and eyes…as well as your personality.

Personal Shopping

Online or in person shopping to find those pieces you need to complete and round out your wardrobe.